Transportation Network Game

You are one of 8 transportation providers (players A, B, C, ..., H) on a octagon network and own one of the sides of the octagon network.

The government has to transport goods from a random corner of the octagon network to the opposing corner. This means there are always two routes the government can choose to use. See the example below, where the government can choose to use either the route C, D, E, F or B, A, H, G.)

The government will always use the cheaper alternative (the route where the sum of the charges of the four involved tansportation providers is smaller). The government is not willing to spend more than $100 for a complete trip. Therefore the government will never accept a transportation that adds up to $100 or more.

Each transportation provider - you are one of them - can make a bid considering that his/her transportation costs are $5 - this means bidding lees than $5 makes no sence.

If the government chooses the route where you own a segment, you get what you had bidden - otherwise you get nothing. If both routes are equaly expensive, each player gets half of his/her bid.