Grade Calculator

About Grade Calculator

This application calculates the average grade needed to reach a target GPA. The calculation considers the units already taken as well as the units the student plans to take to improve the GPA.

How to use the Grade Calculator

  1. Enter your current GPA and the number of units you took (the units your GPA is based on) in the form.
  2. The "Target GPA" is the GPA you want to achieve. Graduate students need to maintain a B (3.0) average. Therfore 3.0 is pre-selected. You can change the target GPA as needed.
  3. In the field "Planned exra units to improve GPA to target" enter the number of units you are planning to take to improve your GPA. The fewer units you take to improve your GPA, the more difficult it will be.
  4. After you entered all the required information, click the "Calculate Now" button and the field "Average grade needed to improve GPA to target" will tell you the GPA that you have to maintain in the courses that you plan to take in the future. If this GPA is greater than 4 it is impossibel to reach the target and you might have to take more units to improve your GPA.


Carsten Lange
Department of Economics
California State  Polytechnic University, Pomona